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Had a blast shooting this beautiful wedding for Raymond & Julisa at the Clovis Castle. This venue has been around for a few years and unfortunately they will be closing  up shop at the end of this month. Music was provided by the ever popular Sound by DMAC. Family and friends loved the romance and family atmosphere that made for a great and romantic day.

Soulmates Photography wishes this happy couple many happy years ahead. Take a peak….


How Much Does The Average Fresno Wedding Cost?

Couples that live in or travel to Fresno, CA (County) spend between $20,741 and $34,569 on average for their wedding. The figures below shows the percent of couples that spend in different ranges for Fresno, CA (County). Figures courtesy of

Attire: $1.79 K
Beauty and spa $138.00
Entertainment $1.3K
Flowers and decorations$1.6K
Gifts and Favors $698.00
Invitations $900.00
Jewelry $4.25K
Photography $3.1K
Planner/Consultant $1.7K
Venue, Catering & Rentals $12.17K

Weddings can be expensive, but we can help.
Our Wedding Photography services are Half the Price of most studios. And Include a FREE FLUSH MOUNT ALBUM with most packages.
Soulmates Photography Just won the The Knot Best of Central Valley Photographers for 2014. We are now one of the Top 3% of Wedding Photographers. Check it out here:

Choosing the right Wedding Flowers

From soft and romantic, to Bold and demure, there is always that perfect flower for every wedding. With so many flowers to choose from of different colors, shapes, sizes, fragrances and durability, you need a good starting point. The following ideas should help you in choosing the right mixture of flowers for your wedding.
Things to take into consideration:
Your Budget
Season of Flower choices
Color scheme
The theme of your wedding
As always your budget should always come first in choosing your flowers. Take into account the mandatory floral designs you will need. such as, bouquets for the wedding party, corsages, boutonnières, altar decorations, candelabras, aisle décor, remembrance bouquets, entrance decorations, cake decorations, centerpieces, bar decorations, delivery and set-up. Stay within your budget so that you anticipate for other wedding costs, so plan carefully.
As for the season, some flowers you may want may only be in season certain times of the year, so Google the actual flower you want and see if it is within season. And don’t forget to take into account the weather on your date, extreme heat can be devastating to certain flowers in just a short time and can ruin a wedding.
Take into account your theme when choosing, as some flowers bring out different feelings when shown. Some weddings are more relaxed and casual while others are more formal and elegant. Sunflowers and daisies are a more casual flower with all of the bright colors they come in. Lilies are more formal with their sleek lines, but are very fragile. Looking for that romantic wedding vibe, Roses are always a standard that never fails with many variations of colors to choose from.
As for where to shop for your wedding. Use a reputable florist that listens to your needs and offers a wide selection of choices. If you are in the Fresno area, another alternative is to visit the Fresno State Flower Dept. They have some excellent students working there and have a beautiful van for delivery with great prices to boot. Check them out at:
Another way to save money is to purchase your own flowers at cost at your local Costco or Sam’s Club or floral warehouse. My personal favorite location is the Los Angeles Flower Mart where you can purchase some flowers at 10 cents on the dollar and get the flowers YOU desire for your wedding. Here is a link to their site: . This is an excellent way to save money and get your friends and family to help design your flowers. Remember that the typical amount to spend is 15% of the total wedding budget on flowers and decorations. If you have any questions regarding flowers or Wedding photography, feel free to call me anytime. Daniel Street – Soulmates Photography 559 456-1502

Choosing your Wedding Colors

Imagine the colors you choose for your wedding day. Every bride has a personal favorite color, so incorporate that into your design plan to set the style and tone for your entire event. Look at the colors in your bridesmaids’ dresses, cake, favors, flowers, accessories,decorations, table linens and don’t forget your invitations! Use a color pallet wheel so add ascents to your color theme.
What mood do you want to create? Vibrant colors add drama, while soft colors evoke a more romantic atmosphere. Use Pastel colors to add a soft eclectic style. Take into account where your wedding will take place. If indoors, look at the wall colors for possible accent up lighting and don’t forget the color of the floor, carpet and draperies. If outdoors take into account the colors of the seasons. Choose colors that complement the setting. Spring and summer colors tend to be lighter, while fall and winter colors are usually darker
Try to limit your main colors to two or three so as not to look too erratic and stay consistent with your colors throughout the wedding site. Use a few subdued colors for an elegant look.
Choosing the right colors will also allow your photographer and videographer to stay consistent in their color balance. Just remember to allow for some type of lighting so that they can get focus. Especially during the reception, many couples will lower the lights too low and this is a HUGE mistake. So many good shots are ruined due to bad exposure and a very high ISO to get a somewhat decent photo. Good lighting should balance just the right amount of ambiance and your colors.
If you have any questions or would like info on Wedding Photography, feel free to visit me at http://www.SoulmatesPhotography or give me a call 559 456-1502.

Wedding Venues in the Fresno Area.


Bass lake venue

Here is a Quick list of Fresno area Venues for future Brides. You can also find this on .
Fresno Wedding Venues
Golden Palace Banquet Hall 559 233-1234
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort 559 787-2551
Wolf Lakes Park 559 292-4063
The Grand 1401 559 266-8000
The Clovis Castle 559 203-5356
Ventura Wedding Chapel 559 445-3166 No Website
Pardini’s Catering & Banquets 559 441-7777
Copper River Country Club 559 434-5200
Holland Park West 559 275-4444
The Vintage Rose Tea Room 559 268-4040
Wedgewood Fresno 559 277-3663
Fresno Convention Center 559-445-8100
Storyland & Playland 559 486-2124
Star Palace Ballroom 559 264-2848
Sunnyside Country Club 559 251-6011
Piccadilly Inn Airport 559 375-7760
The Old Spaghetti Factory 559 222-1066
Radisson 559 268-1000
Brooks Ranch 559 485-6951 No Website
The Fresno Ballroom 559 441-7777
Fresno County Sportsman Club 559 434-7618
Di Ciccoo’s Italian Restaurant 559 436-1650
A Wedding Chapel 559 292-9292 No Website
Hobbs Grove 559 356-3958
A Beautiful Wedding – Yosemite 209 742-6633
Paradise Springs Weddings – Oakhurst 559 642-2613
Spike N Rail Steak House 559 891-7000
White Horse Inn 559 561-4185
Victorian Gardens of Two Sisters 559 897-4154
Seven Sycamores 559 798-0557
Sierra Meadows Country Club 559 642-1343
The Pines Resort 559 642-3121
Ridge Creek 559 591-2254
Visalia Convention Center 559- 713-4000
Tuscan Gardens Venue 559 977-1731
Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino 559 924-7751
3 Oaks Vineyard 559 299-0477

Wedding Gown Preservation:

wedding dress
How do you preserve those special moments when caring for your Wedding Dress after the wedding. Brides who want a wedding dress preservation either want to keep their dress as a family heirloom to be passed down to future generations, or they may want to sell it. Some will eventually make it into a Christening outfit for their children. If you want to keep your dress – and keep it in good condition – you will have to get it cleaned and preserved by an expert in wedding gown preservation. Here are some tips to make sure your wedding gown preservation will not disappoint you.
Many brides just use the wedding dress preservation company or cleaner recommended by the bridal shop where they purchased their gown. Before you trust your gown to them you should do a little research and ask questions about the reputation and experience of the cleaner. You should trust your gown to dry cleaners who have experience with bridal gown preservation and process the dresses in house, rather than shipping them somewhere else.
Before ordering a wedding gown preservation, ask if the cleaner offers a guarantees. Ask if the cleaner will permit you to inspect the gown before it’s sealed in the box. Its the only way to protect yourself if the gown comes back and it’s not your gown, or has not actually been cleaned or stored properly. Each gown should be inspected for damaged threads or loose beading. They are usually placed through a series of black-light tests to detect the most obscure stains and blemishes.
You should expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $500, depending on the level of service you require and the type of dress you purchased. When you bring or ship your dress to a wedding gown preservation company or dry cleaner that provides this service, a staff person will examine the fabric, beading, and other details to determine how to best clean it. Every gown is different.
The most important part of the dress is the hem because it is usually the most soiled. Dirt from the dance floor, parking lots and any other place you may have walked is sure to attach itself to the dress. Most professionals scrub the hem by hand. The biggest problems are grass, mud, perspiration and body oils, make-up, and invisible sugar stains (from wedding cake, soda or wine). Some of the most difficult stains to remove are red wine and White-Out, which some brides use to cover up small stains on the wedding day.
Failure to remove sugar stains is the biggest reason for a wedding gown to yellow over time. Conventional dry cleaning does not remove these sugar stains. Be sure the company you choose for your wedding dress preservation has a system in place to get the sugar stains out.
After the dress is cleaned and pressed, the next step is the actual preservation. The cleaner folds it and places acid free tissue paper between the folds. The dress is then placed in an acid-free chest with a display window. Sometimes, accessories, such as veils and garters are cleaned and preserved as well and placed in the box with the dress. Not any old pretty preservation chest will do. The chest the cleaner uses must be of high quality construction, and it must be acid free. Depending on the cleaner you use, the processing time could be anywhere from three to six weeks. Don’t rush the cleaner. Every gown is different, and they require careful handling.
More questions to ask your restoration vendor are:
A. Is shipping included? Both to and from their facility?
B. Can you send accessories and, if so, is there an additional cost?
C. Will the gown be cleaned and preserved or just preserved?
D. Does your gown hold insurance and how much? Can you purchase additional insurance?
Planning the care and cleaning of your Wedding Dress, takes time and planning, just like your wedding.




So your excited about your big day approaching?. You worked hard on your guest list and you finally have a definite count of who will be attending your wedding. You even have a second list of those you would love to have but due to budget or size restraints of the venue you had to put them on hold but will invite them if someone can’t make it from the first list. The question now is, “WHEN DO YOU SEND THE INVITATIONS OUT?”
You need to make sure you send them out in plenty of time, so you may include a few on your maybe “B” list. You have to remember people may need to make travel arrangements to attend your special day, for those it might be wise to consider “Save the Date” cards. This would give them a few months, usually 4-6 months in advanced so they can arrange to find flights to make it for the big day.
Weddings are very stressful and one of the most stressful situations while planning is getting the invitations out on time. Don’t procrastinate. Invitations should be sent so they are received at least six weeks before the wedding. Again, they should be SENT so they are RECEIVED at least six weeks before the wedding. So consider where the invitations are going. If you have family in Mexico, be sure to adjust the dates when you send your invitation so they will arrive on time and not too late. International mail is always delayed and complicated. Plan to have your responses back to you no later than two weeks before the wedding. It is even better if you can get them three weeks before. If you give yourself a little bit of a cushion this will allow you time to call those stragglers who always “forget” to send the RSVP. Also, it this new age of technology, use e-mail, Facebook, or twitter to help send out the word and get those RSVP’s too. This is also a great way to put in a friendly reminder a week before the big day.
Do Not Forget to Check the Postage. Make sure you have the correct postage. You would hate to get 200 invitations returned for insufficient postage, how embarrassing. One last and important rule. PROOFREAD and PROOFREAD again. I had a wedding I had shot expecting 320 guests and only 65 showed up due to the groom putting in the wrong DATE on the invitations. Not a happy camper.
Planning ahead make all the difference, keep things in perspective and enjoy the moment.

What’s the average cost of a wedding in Fresno, Ca.

Fresno weddings


What does the Average FRESNO Wedding Cost?

Couples that live in or travel to Fresno, CA (County) spend between $20,741 and $34,569 on average for their wedding. The figures below shows the percent of couples that spend in different ranges for Fresno, CA (County). Figures courtesy of
Attire: $1.79 K
Beauty and spa $138.00
Entertainment $1.3K
Flowers and decorations$1.6K
Gifts and Favors $698.00
Invitations $900.00
Jewelry $4.25K
Photography $3.1K
Planner/Consultant $1.7K
Venue, Catering & Rentals $12.17K

Weddings can be expensive, but we can help.
Our Wedding Photography services are Half the Price of most studios. And Include a FREE FLUSH MOUNT ALBUM with most packages.
Soulmates Photography 559 456-1502. We are now one of the Top 3% of Wedding Photographers. Check us out here:
Date are filling fast…

How to apply for a Marriage Certificate in Fresno Ca.



Getting Married?
Here is how to get your Fresno Marriage License….

Marriage License’s are easy to obtain and you should start the process at least a month before the actual Wedding Date. California Law requires all couples to have a license to have a legally binding Wedding Ceremony. Some states require a medical examination or Blood tests before you marry, along with required proof of identification and the license fee.
Currently, there are no waiting periods or Blood tests required in Fresno County. Also no appointment is necessary. The office is located at:
Register-Recorder/County Clerk
2221 Kern Street
Fresno, CA 93721
8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. / M – F
Closed for holidays.
It will cost you $49 for a public license and $69 for a confidential license. Payments can be made in cash, debit card, visa, mastercard only. No checks.
There are two different types of marriage licenses in Fresno, and they can be obtained in two different ways.
Confidential Marriage License and a Public Marriage License:
A PUBLIC California marriage license is a marriage license that is available to the public for viewing.
A CONFIDENTIAL marriage license allows all the personal information on a marriage license to be protected from public view. Only a court order or a notarized application by either spouses can obtain a copy of the information.
The following information is required on a marriage license application.
For both spouses, or party A and party B, the information needed for marriage license requirements is below.
A valid driver’s license or a DMV issued Identification Card. If you do not have either of these, you must provide a certified copy of your birth certificate and another acceptable form of picture I.D.
To obtain a Confidential Marriage License, party A and party B must be living together as a married couple. The same I.D. requirements as mentioned above are applicable.
A certified copy of the Confidential Marriage License is available for $14. Checks are accepted for certified copies of the Confidential Marriage License.
Amendment on a Marriage License:
Within the first year there is no fee but there is a $13.00 fee for a certified copy of the Amendment. After a year there is a fee of $20.00 which includes the certified copy. Declaration for a Marriage License – $49.00.
Work out the details with your officiant on the proper filing and signatures required on the day of your wedding.
Hey, and don’t forget to bring your License on your big day. You have no idea how many couples forget to bring their license to their wedding.
If your interested in More information on planning your Wedding feel free to give me a call.

Daniel Street
Soulmates Photography
Wedding Photography at about Half the Price of most studios.
559 456-1502

So your getting married? How to choose the perfect vendor

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Congratulations. Your engaged. Now comes the exciting and never ending search for the perfect venue for your Wedding. Fresno Ca. brides have so many Romantic and elegant venues to choose from. Some examples are: Wonder Valley Resort, Wolf Lakes, Holland Park West, The Golden Palace, Dante Club, and so many more. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.
3 things to take into consideration are:
PRICE: One important piece of advice. Never be broke on the day of your wedding. Relationships are difficult enough, no need to add the problems of a financial hardship.
Take into consideration the size and location of your venue. If you expect 250 guests, check with the venue to see if they can accommodate your wishes. The last thing you need is to have the Fire Marshal at your event restricting access to your venue because of an overflow problem. Also, location is something to think about. If you plan a wedding at the beach instead of a local venue, understand that you will lose a large portion of your guests due to travel and financial hardships.
TYPE OF VENUE: Will your wedding be Romantic, Upscale, Country Style, a Backyard Family setting or are you still unsure. Take into account the theme of your wedding, your colors, flowers, and your distinctive personality traits.
Also check on any restrictions limiting your plans, examples would be: No throwing Flower Pedals on the couple, Some Venues have a no pedals policy due to liability issues. Sound restrictions for your DJ, No walk in runner for the entrance, no outside alcohol allowed, is a horse and carriage allowed, What is the after wedding cleanup policy.
Never pay for a venue unless you visit it first and remember that if your wedding falls on a weekday you can ask if there is a discount for off days. This alone can save your budget. A deposit is always required for holding your date, just don’t forget to ask about any refund policy in case of a mishap to your plans. Don’t forget to ask for reviews or referrals from past weddings.
Choosing your season is probably the most important detail. Do you want a Fall wedding, or are you more into a beautiful spring event. Take into consideration weather conditions: Cold, Rain, hot sun, snow. This will allow you to plan the little details like umbrellas, shade, or hand fans to match your colors. One important note to keep track of is the Time Change. You probably don’t want to have your outdoor wedding in the dark, so plan ahead and check the online Sunset Times.
Congratulation on your upcoming wedding and remember that the most important part of this all is your love for one another and your future together, The rest are just details.
If you need more help planning all the details for your local Fresno Wedding, be sure to check out to find ALL your local vendors in one place. And if you are in need a Wedding Photographer please visit my site at or give me a call at 559 456-1502 with any questions you may have.

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