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Choosing the right Wedding Flowers

From soft and romantic, to Bold and demure, there is always that perfect flower for every wedding. With so many flowers to choose from of different colors, shapes, sizes, fragrances and durability, you need a good starting point. The following ideas should help you in choosing the right mixture of flowers for your wedding.
Things to take into consideration:
Your Budget
Season of Flower choices
Color scheme
The theme of your wedding
As always your budget should always come first in choosing your flowers. Take into account the mandatory floral designs you will need. such as, bouquets for the wedding party, corsages, boutonnières, altar decorations, candelabras, aisle décor, remembrance bouquets, entrance decorations, cake decorations, centerpieces, bar decorations, delivery and set-up. Stay within your budget so that you anticipate for other wedding costs, so plan carefully.
As for the season, some flowers you may want may only be in season certain times of the year, so Google the actual flower you want and see if it is within season. And don’t forget to take into account the weather on your date, extreme heat can be devastating to certain flowers in just a short time and can ruin a wedding.
Take into account your theme when choosing, as some flowers bring out different feelings when shown. Some weddings are more relaxed and casual while others are more formal and elegant. Sunflowers and daisies are a more casual flower with all of the bright colors they come in. Lilies are more formal with their sleek lines, but are very fragile. Looking for that romantic wedding vibe, Roses are always a standard that never fails with many variations of colors to choose from.
As for where to shop for your wedding. Use a reputable florist that listens to your needs and offers a wide selection of choices. If you are in the Fresno area, another alternative is to visit the Fresno State Flower Dept. They have some excellent students working there and have a beautiful van for delivery with great prices to boot. Check them out at:
Another way to save money is to purchase your own flowers at cost at your local Costco or Sam’s Club or floral warehouse. My personal favorite location is the Los Angeles Flower Mart where you can purchase some flowers at 10 cents on the dollar and get the flowers YOU desire for your wedding. Here is a link to their site: . This is an excellent way to save money and get your friends and family to help design your flowers. Remember that the typical amount to spend is 15% of the total wedding budget on flowers and decorations. If you have any questions regarding flowers or Wedding photography, feel free to call me anytime. Daniel Street – Soulmates Photography 559 456-1502

Wedding Venues in the Fresno Area.


Bass lake venue

Here is a Quick list of Fresno area Venues for future Brides. You can also find this on .
Fresno Wedding Venues
Golden Palace Banquet Hall 559 233-1234
Wonder Valley Ranch Resort 559 787-2551
Wolf Lakes Park 559 292-4063
The Grand 1401 559 266-8000
The Clovis Castle 559 203-5356
Ventura Wedding Chapel 559 445-3166 No Website
Pardini’s Catering & Banquets 559 441-7777
Copper River Country Club 559 434-5200
Holland Park West 559 275-4444
The Vintage Rose Tea Room 559 268-4040
Wedgewood Fresno 559 277-3663
Fresno Convention Center 559-445-8100
Storyland & Playland 559 486-2124
Star Palace Ballroom 559 264-2848
Sunnyside Country Club 559 251-6011
Piccadilly Inn Airport 559 375-7760
The Old Spaghetti Factory 559 222-1066
Radisson 559 268-1000
Brooks Ranch 559 485-6951 No Website
The Fresno Ballroom 559 441-7777
Fresno County Sportsman Club 559 434-7618
Di Ciccoo’s Italian Restaurant 559 436-1650
A Wedding Chapel 559 292-9292 No Website
Hobbs Grove 559 356-3958
A Beautiful Wedding – Yosemite 209 742-6633
Paradise Springs Weddings – Oakhurst 559 642-2613
Spike N Rail Steak House 559 891-7000
White Horse Inn 559 561-4185
Victorian Gardens of Two Sisters 559 897-4154
Seven Sycamores 559 798-0557
Sierra Meadows Country Club 559 642-1343
The Pines Resort 559 642-3121
Ridge Creek 559 591-2254
Visalia Convention Center 559- 713-4000
Tuscan Gardens Venue 559 977-1731
Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino 559 924-7751
3 Oaks Vineyard 559 299-0477

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