So your excited about your big day approaching?. You worked hard on your guest list and you finally have a definite count of who will be attending your wedding. You even have a second list of those you would love to have but due to budget or size restraints of the venue you had to put them on hold but will invite them if someone can’t make it from the first list. The question now is, “WHEN DO YOU SEND THE INVITATIONS OUT?”
You need to make sure you send them out in plenty of time, so you may include a few on your maybe “B” list. You have to remember people may need to make travel arrangements to attend your special day, for those it might be wise to consider “Save the Date” cards. This would give them a few months, usually 4-6 months in advanced so they can arrange to find flights to make it for the big day.
Weddings are very stressful and one of the most stressful situations while planning is getting the invitations out on time. Don’t procrastinate. Invitations should be sent so they are received at least six weeks before the wedding. Again, they should be SENT so they are RECEIVED at least six weeks before the wedding. So consider where the invitations are going. If you have family in Mexico, be sure to adjust the dates when you send your invitation so they will arrive on time and not too late. International mail is always delayed and complicated. Plan to have your responses back to you no later than two weeks before the wedding. It is even better if you can get them three weeks before. If you give yourself a little bit of a cushion this will allow you time to call those stragglers who always “forget” to send the RSVP. Also, it this new age of technology, use e-mail, Facebook, or twitter to help send out the word and get those RSVP’s too. This is also a great way to put in a friendly reminder a week before the big day.
Do Not Forget to Check the Postage. Make sure you have the correct postage. You would hate to get 200 invitations returned for insufficient postage, how embarrassing. One last and important rule. PROOFREAD and PROOFREAD again. I had a wedding I had shot expecting 320 guests and only 65 showed up due to the groom putting in the wrong DATE on the invitations. Not a happy camper.
Planning ahead make all the difference, keep things in perspective and enjoy the moment.